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Theater Design Launches New Website

After nearly 25 years working on a variety of projects Theater Design has become a sought-after firm due to our reputation in the industry, the success of our projects and the acclaim of our clients. As we look to the future we have decided that our website should reflect that diverse experience and expertise with a new website (expertly designed by DABBOTT Design). We wish to provide architects and performing arts organizations with a website that is easy to navigate and that describes our services, philosophy and approach to projects.

Visitors to the website will find easy access to the services we provide, past and present projects and solutions to common and unique design issues. Our FAQ page clearly explains the value of our services and that while designing a new theater is similar to designing a show, it is vastly more complex. These issues are discussed in greater detail in Building Better Theaters, by Theater Design founder and president Michael Mell.

Our NEWS section keeps our clients up to date on the activities of the firm and staff. As well, future press releases and items of interest to the theater design industry are presented. We encourage our clients to BE IN TOUCH via the contact page where they may send an email or find our phone number to speak to us directly.

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