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Theater Design provides complete planning and design services for new and renovated performing arts facilities. We are experts in the design of performance spaces and their support areas as well as the complex equipment, infrastructure, and production systems that support the operations of the performing arts.



The foundation of a performing arts facility is fulfillment of the community's needs, desires, and goals. Each project is approached on an individual basis to determine goals and appropriate design solutions to develop an integrated and comprehensive plan that is: practical, cost effective and that will meet present and future needs. We assist our clients to determine site criteria, size and configuration of the facility; current and future programming (i.e. the types of events to be presented) and functions and activities of the facility.

  • Meet with the owner, architect and user groups to develop an understanding of the project, its history, current uses and future anticipated and unanticipated uses of the facility.

  • Prepare a specific list of all required rooms and areas.

  • Assist the architect to develop appropriate spatial relationships within the facility.

  • Develop the theater in the context of the overall site.

  • Performance space and audience configuration

  • Audience arrangement, seating layout, and sightlines

  • Backstage layout

  • Dressing rooms

  • Wardrobe and costume shops

  • Advice about accommodation of persons with disabilities.


Theater Planning

The relationship between the performer and the audience is crucial to the success of a performance. Basic performer/audience configurations include: proscenium, thrust, arena and flexible space.  We work with our clients to develop a common vocabulary and consensus; to discover the unique solution to their project. Basic planning includes: audience seating arrangement, sightlines, public circulation, public amenities, stage and backstage layout, technical circulation and backstage amenities (such as dressing rooms, control rooms and rehearsal rooms.

 Front of House 
  • Lobbies and vestibules

  • Box office and related areas

  • Public circulation areas

  • Lobby performance and catering

  • Concessions

  • Staff and usher areas

 Theater Systems 
  • Stage Lighting

  • Stage Rigging

  • Stage Lifts

  • Seating

  • Variable Acoustic Systems

 Technical Space 
  • Backstage

  • Sound & Lighting booths

  • Dimmer room

  • Dressing rooms

  • Scenery shop

  • Costume Shop

  • Quality Assurance

  • Value Engineering

  • Site Visits

  • Construction Administration

  • System Testing

  • Punch Lists

Theater Systems.jpg

Theater Systems

Rigging & Machinery

We provide design, engineering, and specification for all manual & motorized rigging, chair wagons, turntables, orchestra shells, acoustic drapes, and loudspeakers. The reliability, longevity, and operational safety of the stage equipment are paramount. As theater consultants we are careful to employ design standards that are appropriate for the skill level of the users; from amateur to student to professional. Our philosophy is to use safe, durable, and industry-proven designs that will perform for the life of the facility.


We provide design, building accommodation information, specifications, shop drawing review, construction administration, and commissioning of the stage lighting system. We give appropriate consideration to both the technical and artistic aspects of lighting design for performing arts facilities. Stage lighting system design includes: theatrical and concert lighting design, dimming and distribution, fixture selection, and layout and control of work lights and house lights.


Seating and sightline considerations are among the most basic concepts from which the design of a performance space grows. The scale and shape of a room is developed from considering a facility's uses and the resulting seat count requirements. We create seating arrangements that foster a visually intimate relationship between the performers and the audience. We provide complete design and bid documentation for fixed and demountable seating. 

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