THEATER DESIGN provides each client with the best practical and economical solutions to address their needs. Our experience in the planning, design and construction of all kinds of theaters throughout the world has informed us about building consensus. We respect diverse viewpoints and cultures. We employ simple, jargon-free language to explain ideas and concepts and encourage the participation of all parties. 

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    Michael Mell, President

Michael Mell is the founder and President of Theater Design. In a long career as a theater consultant he has also worked in Broadway theaters, on tour and in television studios as a lighting designer, technical director, stage manager and stage hand. 

As a project coordinator for PRG Scenic Technologies, he has been involved with the fabrication and automation of numerous  Broadway shows and tours.  He has also worked  with the Trisha Brown Dance Company, the Dance Theater of Harlem and Rudolph Nureyev and the Boston Ballet. Mr. Mell has taught graduate and undergraduate classes at Sarah Lawrence College, CUNY Queens College and Pace University. 

Mell is the author of Building Better Theaters published by Entertainment Technology Press (2006) 2nd ed. 2008.

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 Robert A. Lorelli, Principal Consultant

Robert A. Lorelli is one of the leading theater consultants in the United States.  He is a mechanical engineer with an extensive and diversified background in theater. He was chief engineer for one of the largest theater equipment manufacturers in the world, Joseph Vasconcellos, Inc. where he was responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of theatrical equipment for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. He was also the Director of Operations for the New York City Center of Music and Drama. 


Lorelli is a member of The American Society of Theater Consultants and the League of Historic American Theaters.  He lectures at both the Society for College and University Planning and Harvard University, and he has been an Adjunct Professor at New York Institute of Technology.


Michael Mell did a super job of understanding the client's needs and even more importantly allaying their fears. I could not have done the project without him.