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Theatro Municipal

In the fall of 2005 the theater, under the artistic direction of Maestro Jamil Maluf, began to plan for a renovation and upgrade of the stage area and the theatrical systems (which had not been a priority during the 1983 restoration.) Specific areas to be addressed are the counterweight rigging system, which cannot meet today’s requirements for scenery and lighting; the stage dimming system, which is undersized by current standards; the sound system, that has never been treated comprehensively; and the creation of a new orchestra enclosure (shell) to improve orchestral acoustics for both musicians and audience.


The project team for the current renovation is lead by Jose Augusto Nepomuceno, principal of Acustica & Sonica whose charge is the coordination of the entire design. Working with Acustica & Sonica are: Michael Mell, ASTC, president of THEATER DESIGN INC; Ismael Solé, president of Solé & Associados and Anthony Nittoli, partner in the firm, Akustiks.


Performing Arts Center


Sao Paolo, Brazil


Sole & Associados



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