Teatro Municipal

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Inaugurated in the fall of 1911, the Teatro Municipal was long overdue for modernization of its theatrical systems. 

In the fall of 2005 the theater, under the artistic direction of Maestro Jamil Maluf, began to plan for a renovation and upgrade of the stage area and the theatrical systems (which had not been a priority during the 1983 restoration.) Specific areas to be addressed are the counterweight rigging system, which cannot meet today’s requirements for scenery and lighting; the stage dimming system, which is undersized by current standards; the sound system, that has never been treated comprehensively; and the creation of a new orchestra enclosure (shell) to improve orchestral acoustics for both musicians and audience.


The project team for the current renovation is lead by Jose Augusto Nepomuceno, principal of Acustica & Sonica whose charge is the coordination of the entire design. Working with Acustica & Sonica are: Michael Mell, ASTC, president of THEATER DESIGN INC; Ismael Solé, president of Solé & Associados and Anthony Nittoli, partner in the firm, Akustiks.