Theater Planning

The relationship between the performer and the audience is crucial to the success of a performance. Basic performer/audience configurations include: proscenium, thrust, arena and flexible space.  We work with our clients to develop a common vocabulary and consensus; to discover the unique solution to their project. Basic planning includes: audience seating arrangement, sightlines, public circulation, public amenities, stage and backstage layout, technical circulation and backstage amenities (such as dressing rooms, control rooms and rehearsal rooms.

Front of House

Lobbies and vestibules


Box office and related areas


Public circulation areas


Lobby performance and catering




Staff and usher areas

Technical Spaces



Sound & Lighting booths


Dimmer room


Dressing rooms


Scenery shop


Costume Shop

Theater Systems

Stage lighting


Stage rigging


Stage lifts




Acoustic banners & curtains


Motorized stage equipment


Quality Assurance


Value engineering


Site visits


Construction administration


Systems testing


Punch lists

Michael Mell is a joy to work with. He brings expertise as well as responsiveness and good nature to the project

Ron Williams, AIA, SMRT, INC