The foundation of a performing arts facility is fulfillment of the community's needs, desires and goals. We evaluate possible sites, economics of operation, programming, existing and potential user-groups to develop a comprehensive understanding of the impact of a new performing arts facility. We assist our clients to develop capital cost projections, operating budgets, income/expense projections, economic impact evaluations and identification of additional income sources.
Each project is approached on an individual basis to determine goals and appropriate design solutions to develop an integrated and comprehensive plan that is: practical, cost effective and that will meet present and future needs. We assist our clients to determine site criteria, size and configuration of the facility; current and future programming (i.e. the types of events to be presented) and functions and activities of the facility.


Meet with the owner, architect and user groups to develop an understanding of the project, its history, current uses and future anticipated and unanticipated uses of the facility.


Prepare a specific list of all required rooms and areas.


Assist the architect to develop appropriate spatial relationships within the facility.


Develop the theater in the context of the overall site.


Performance space and audience configuration


Audience arrangement, seating layout and sightlines


Backstage layout


Dressing rooms


Wardrobe and costume shops


Advice about accommodation of persons with disabilities.

You'll find that Mr. Mell's qualifications and expertise are right at the top of his profession.

John O'Rourke, Interim Superintendant for Shenendehowa CSD