Nadine McGuire Pavilion

Gainesville, FL

The theatre department's primary objective was to gather faculty, staff and facilities to a more centralized location.

The Nadine McGuire Pavilion at the University of Florida-Gainesville is adjacent and connected to the existing Constans Theatre. The new addition includes: a 3,500 square foot studio (i.e. black box) theater, a 2,000 square foot dance performance/rehearsal studio, faculty offices, acting studios and teaching studios. Budgeted at $8 million, the project was designed by the West Palm Beach office of Zeidler Partnership Architects.

 The constraints of the site (existing facilities, utilities, road setbacks, etc.) limited the footprint of the addition. As well, the end of the design phase saw a projected construction cost in excess of the funds budgeted for the project. The solution was to renovate the backstage support areas of the existing Constans Theatre to accommodated certain program elements of the pavilion. This provided multiple benefits - it helped reduce the projected cost overrun, permitted a successful design of the addition and improved the backstage layout and circulation of the Constans Theatre.