Building Better Theaters

By Michael Mell

Building Better Theaters is an extremely valuable resource for first-time performing arts clients/owners and architects. It's an easy read, really well-organized, and provides basic pragmatic information as to the design and construction process. Essential reading for first-timers and a great refresher for those more experienced.”~ Joel E. Rubin, Ph.D.


If you’re building or renovating a theater and you can’t have Michael Mell at your side, you’d better have his book. This is a must read for everyone involved from the initial thinking stages right through to opening night.” ~John R. O’Rourke, 1997 National Superintendent of the Year


"This is a good and comprehensive book: particularly I thought the section on process to be very illuminating. Well done again.” ~Richard Pilbrow Chairman, Theatre Projects Consultants


"Building Better Theaters presents very useful information for anyone crazy enough to try to build a theater; it is cogently and professionally presented."~Carl Rosenberg, Principal, Acentech Incorporated


"Building Better Theaters is a concise 'how to' book for the uninitiated. A such, it is an educational tool that introduces the basic structure of the design and construction process. An informed client benefits all parties involved and we can applaud Michael Mell for his contribution towards this common objective."   ~ Keith Gerchak, Lighting and Sound America 


"Michael Mell points out in Building Better Theaters,  that while theater people know how to put on a show, they may not know how to "put on a building." He helps jump-start the process by explaining essential planning components, so that a company can do its homework and provide the consultant, architect, builder or equipment vendor with the information needed. " ~ Stephan Peithman, Stage Directions Magazine


This book  provides good background advice to the first-time client giving a good description of the process from selecting the team to the opening of the theatre. Building Better Theaters addresses the technical issues associated with building a theatre very well. ~ Miles Griffies and Julian Middleton of architectural practice Arts Team