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Allen Stevenson School

New York, NY

The faculty wanted a flexible space that could quickly and easily be changed into a “default” end-stage arrangement.

The Allen-Stevenson School needed to maximize its physical facilities and accommodate space for future growth. The solution integrated a five-building complex and subdivided the interior into the lower, middle, and upper schools so that students of the same age could share contiguous services. A common area for all of the schools is the theater. The faculty wanted a flexible space to accommodate a variety of performance types and styles. At the same time they expressed a desire for an end-stage default mode that could be arranged quickly and easily. The solution was motorized, telescoping seating that could be extended into the room or stored at one end to leave the space entirely open. A pipe grid over the entire space provides stage lighting positions and modest rigging capability. The balcony surrounding the room may be used for audience, musicians and performers. Pasanella+Klein Stolzman+Berg Architects, in association with William Fellows Architect led the project. THEATER DESIGN INC provided theater planning and acoustics were provided by Shen Milsom Wilke.

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